My Life Story...Not Really

Origin of the blog's name

The name of my blog wasn't of my own invention. It all started when, a few years ago, I was very into “simming"...

Isn't Eric pretty?

Anyways, as I was saying. During that time I met some really great people, some with whom I still keep contact, and one of them said that phrase once or twice to me. Why? Well, my username in that forum, and in some others, is LisNoir, which is French for black lily and that combined with my, sort of, “too" honest nature around 90%, maybe 95%, of the time, gave origin to that. Of course, I loved it and embraced it. Thanks Jas!

A little about me!

I'm a Puerto Rican who knows less about the Puerto Rican entertainment industry than I do about the South Korean one. I love their entertainment industry: their dramas, music, and variety shows. And no, I don't speak Korean, although I understand the odd word/phrase here and there. I mean how can you not love Korean when they have this...?

and this:

I'll stop now...

I also love books. They were my first love and even though sometimes the pretty Korean boys keep me away from them, I always go back. I will mostly do book related things in the blog, but sometimes I might go on a fangirl trip and some pretty South Koreans might pop up here and there.