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(Goodreads Review) Doctors in the Wedding by Gina Wilkins

Doctors in the WeddingDoctors in the Wedding by Gina Wilkins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Out-of-town bridesmaid Madison Baker was looking forward to a fun wedding of one of her oldest friends. She never thought she'd meet a groomsman that made even her measured mind-of-a-psychiatrist spin.
Of course, he was the one guy who was off-limits.

Steadfast Dr. Jason D'Alessandro was wedded to his work and his patients. Why, even the bride's beautiful sister couldn't turn his head! Still, stunning Madison stirred his impulsive, romantic side, although she insisted that their hot-and-heavy romance remain top secret.

But this was one forbidden weekend fling that might just be for keeps….


Actual rating 2.5

I always get sucked in into reading these type of romances when I want something that will guarantee me a "happily ever after". And anyone who has read their fair share of these knows the female always gets her "prince charming" one way or another.

But halfway through the book, I always get slapped with the reminder of why I swore I'd never read one of these again. The women in these books, no matter how accomplished they are, always seem to revert to being awkward teenagers and lose all their self confidence over one man. A man who is almost always being an outright douche. Although Jason does not fit the douche-bag category, he was actually very sweet, Madison does fit the "female loses all self esteem" one and that annoyed me. I mean, he's telling her something even before he knows everything and she's still causing unnecessary drama all by herself. Breathes.

Anyways, I know this won't be the last one I'll read. It's a vicious circle for me, but I think readers who don't get bored by my biggest pet peeve mentioned above will enjoy it.

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