Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Pretty Unlikely by Emily Hodson

I became interested in reading this book because it seemed to deal with a theme (within the paranormal) I had never explored before. But soon after I started reading the book, I began to struggle with it.

For starters, there’s some gender-subject disagreements. The author kept referring to a host, male, in a restaurant as a hostess. And I quote:

-“A tall, dark-haired, handsome hostess came up to us and smiled with his pearly whites and dimples.” (Page 18)
- “The hostess kind of reminded me of Jared Padalecki,…” (Page 18)
- "First, I saw the handsome dark-haired Jared Padalecki look-a-like hostess at Angie's Italian Restaurant." (Page 36)

I could have gladly overlooked that if it wasn’t for the way situations were handled in the book and for the reactions the characters had to those situations. I felt they were either completely blown out of proportion (even for a teenager who just had to move to a new place away from all she knew) or too downplayed (like the too easy acceptance of a creepy looking creature).

The only part of the book which did have me intrigued was finding out what the “tap, tap, tap” thing in the closet was and once the cat was out of the bag, there was little, or nothing, keep my interest since I didn’t find the characters interesting either.

I’ll just say the book was not for me and there might be readers out there who might enjoy despite the fact that I didn’t.

Random quotes:

“I stuffed my face with more spaghetti and I felt like a pig. I had been left too long without food. I liked food, it was good anyways but still, I needed three meals a day at least.” “The kitchen counter was so dirty I nearly puked. There was an old banana peel and bread crumbs scattered all over when I brought the supplies to make a PB&J on the counter.”

“’No Isaiah!’ I yelled in a high whisper.”

“ ‘Doesn't mean you need to strangle him. You have so much to learn you crazy bastard.’ I playfully punched Isaiah in the arm as we slowly opened the front door.”

My Rating:

Note: I received a free copy through Read 2 Review in exchange for an honest review.

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