Monday, August 6, 2012

Cursed by H.M. Ward Review

Synopsis (Good Reads):
Ivy's on her way to kick ass and save Collin from the horrors of the Underworld. Along the way she discovers that the truth won't set her free. Deep-seated deception leads Ivy closer to her destiny. But, being queen of the demons is not the destiny she wants. Ivy will have to overcome lust, power, and love if she wants to survive.
I will admit I wasn't crazy about the beginning of the first book. I'll also admit if it hadn't gotten so good and engaging towards the end I wouldn't have read this one. And that would have been a shame because I would have missed out on reading one of the best books ever.

Cursed is engaging and well written. The story has likable and unlikable characters and it's so action filled that you just can't put it down. At the beginning, I thought the story was a bit slow. Not bad and not boring, just a little slow. But if reading Demon Kissed taught me anything I knew what was coming; action and twist filled pages. I wasn't disappointed. A few events caught me by surprise (in a good way) which is always a good and welcomed thing.

I'm anticipating where the story will take me to next, especially after what happened with Eric and Collin.

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