Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting ready!

I decided to make a snack for when I'm reading Onyx and I thought what better than a limber. That's a cold treat which is very popular here in Puerto Rico, and some other hot climate countries. Word says that the name came to be because of Charles A. Lindbergh's personality; hard and cold. Apparently, he made a pit stop on the island. I don't know if it's true, but I'm always up for a good story.

As I was saying, what better treat Keep cool in the Summer heat and well, from Daemon's hotness.

I made limbers de queso de crema (cream cheese/cheesecake/cheese limbers) last night and just put a batch of Nutella ones in the freezer. My sister is working on making guanĂ¡bana (soursop...I think) puree for guanĂ¡bana ones and she will also make cake limbers.

Here's a pic of a cream cheese one. It's already melting and it hasn't been out of the freezer for 3 minutes...


  1. You're making me hungry. XD It's not as hot as it was earlier this week, but it's super humid! Ick!


  2. You make me want to fix myself a snack. Looks yummy. But I guess I'll have to settle for peanut m&m's and cinnamon rolls.

  3. Wow, that's a strange/neat idea for a drink o_o

  4. It's a great way to cool down. AND they taste good! You guys should try them out. :D