Monday, August 27, 2012

Warning: Asian hotties alert!

I haven't blogged in two days.

But I was kind of in a teenie bit of a thrall all weekend. It was kind of hard to keep my focus on books when I was watching...

Joo Won in "Gaksital"

Lee Jang Woo in "I Do, I Do"

Lee MinHo in "Faith"

And although I'm not a real fan of him...

Lee Jun Ki in "Arang & the Magistrate"

There's just something about a man in costume, whether it's a Japanese Imperial guard costume, Goryo or Joseon period ones....


  1. All the guys are Hot but my favorite would be Lee MinHo. :D

    1. I love Lee MinHo too. He's the reason I'm still watching Faith, although the drama is growing enough on me for it to be bearable. Do you also watch Asian dramas?