Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ARC Review: Timeless by Michelle Madow

Title: Timeless
Series: Transcend Time Saga #3
Author: Michelle Madow
Pub. Date: November 20th, 2012
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing



In Remembrance, Lizzie and Drew changed the course of fate so they could be together.

In Vengeance, Chelsea set fate back on its original, deadly path.

Now, strange things keep happening to Lizzie. Things that are omens of darkness to come. A curse has doomed her to die an early death, just as she did in her past life. To make things worse, even if she can figure out who cast the curse, it's irreversible. There's only one option left for her to save herself. It's crazier than anything she's heard yet, and to do it, she'll need Drew and Chelsea's help.

Because to make things right, they must go back to when it all began...

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My Thoughts:

In this final installment of the Transcend Time Saga, the author takes us to where it all started. Yes, they time travel to 1815 England. Don't worry, I have not spoiled you.

To be honest, after reading Vengeance I wasn't looking forward to reading this book. Still, I tried to keep an open mind when I started reading it. I'm not the type of person who believes that if I didn't like one book then by default I'm not going to like the following one. But the book started to annoy me from the "s'mores" scene in chapter one. Still, I tried...

I'm a hard person to surprise. I'll also admit that before I start reading a book, I imagine the events in my head. So if something does not happen the way I imagined it, I can be a little...surprised. But what shocked me with Timeless was how predictable it was. Everything I thought would happen did happen... Sometimes that wouldn't be a big issue for me, but when I'm not loving the characters in a story, at all, it's a very bad thing.

I had hoped for some character growth in this book. I wanted Lizzie to stop being "a lying, boyfriend stealing, [selfish], little brat ” and accept what she had done, accept people were going to be mad, and get over it. You did what you did, move on, and stop trying to force yourself on people. But she just couldn't leave it alone. In short, Lizzie, Drew, and Chelsea annoyed me. They didn't change at all, they possibly got worse. I also didn't feel a sense of urgency, of impending doom, from the characters like I thought there should be because of the seriousness of the events happening in the book.

Still I liked the concept of time travel and past lives, even if I don't think it was applied in a mind shattering, heart stopping way, and that's why I rated the book 2 out 5.

*I received an e-ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. The cover kind of reminds me of a horror dracula movie... haha. Sad to see the book didn't work out for you! *hugs*

    I understand your hatred on selfish heroines though. I hate those types, too - the ones who think the world revolves around them. I remember one book being like that... Poison Princess, I think, and I remember putting it down several times because the girl was just too self-centered and imposed herself on other people ;-;